re:bob shape
2-day practical course
Pavel Okhapkin's Unique Original Workshop
June 1-2
2 days, 10.00-20.00
Fashion Studio by Pavel Okhapkin
Teachers: Pavel Okhapkin, Irina Belogurova, Yulia Maschenko
45000 rub
Vacant: 8 places

About the course

In this course, we have combined two of the most important details in hairdressing: cutting technique and styling technique.
Over the course of two days, we will analyze various calibration techniques, zone joining techniques, and precise cutting techniques, connecting graduations and precise lines.
Let's work out 5 haircuts step by step:
  1. Long bob
  2. Classic Bob with an extension to the face
  3. French Bob
  4. Classic Bob 45 ° with an extension to the face
  5. Short Bob in the spirit of the 90s
And also step by step we will work out 5 styling options for these forms. You will learn how to make a soft wave, texture; how to emphasize lines, how to transform these shapes into cocktail hairstyles.
experienced masters, stylists, teachers
step-by-step training of 5 haircuts and 5 hairstylings on mannequin heads (provided):
Mini-group: up to 10 persons.
At the end of the course, each participant receives a personal course completion certificate.
- demonstration 
- hands-on techniques and methods 
- combined techniques