visiting master classes
format: demonstration, practical, combined, show
November 23-24
0 rub
St. Petersburg

About the course

The team of teachers from Pavel Okhapkin's School has gained extensive experience in conducting various field events. The event formats can be different. It can be as the original workshop provided by Pavel Okhapkin or holding high-profile city or regional events. Presentation of collections or arranging for hairdressers competition. In any case, we individually prepare the program based on our customers' goals.
The cost is contract-based.
Schedule of visiting master classes for 2020-21:
Novembaer 23-24 - St. Petersburg
December 1-2 - Bishkek
January 29-30 - Chita
March 22-24 - Kemerovo
April 5-8 - Krasnoyarsk
April 19-20 - St. Petersburg
May 17-19 - Novosibirsk
August 16-18 - TEFIA (date to be confirmed)
September 11-13 - Volgograd
October 4-6 - TEFIA (date to be confirmed)
October 28-29 - Chita
November 8-10 - TEFIA (date to be confirmed)
December 6-8 - TEFIA (date to be confirmed)
August 16-18 - TEFIA (date to be confirmed)