re:hairstyle shape
2-days practical course
Training to create the currently popular cocktail and evening styling. Teacher - Irina Belogurova.
May 17-18
2 days, 11.00-19.00
Fashion Studio by Pavel Okhapkin
Teacher: Irina Belogurova
15000 rub
Vacant: 2 places

About the course

Four basic divisions.
There are four main volume distributions in the hairstyle.
Three basic textures: smooth, waves, curls.
experienced masters, stylists, teachers
The course is conducted in a mini-group for 6-7 persons.
It includes step-by-step development of 8 fashionable hairstyles for medium and long hair, which, depending on the choice of volume, shape and texture, are suitable for each client.
At the end of the course, each participant receives a personal course completion certificate.
- demonstration 
- hands-on techniques and methods 
- combined techniques