re:salon haircut shape
stage 2
Pavel Okhapkin's Unique Original Workshop
September 25-26
Fashion Studio by Pavel Okhapkin
Lecturer: Pavel Okhapkin
40000 rub
Vacant: 6 places

About the course

At STEP 2, we analyze in more detail the techniques of non-combining, texturing hair and their more complex combinations. You will learn:
  • how to transform volume
  • how to transform length
  • how to switch from graduation to progressive layer and vice versa
  • how different lengths are combined
  • how to create more interesting, complex, non-flattened shapes without disturbing the correct balance of the haircut
 experienced hairdressers, stylists, teachers.

 step-by-step training of 8 salon haircuts in the 1st division on mannequin heads (provided).

Mini-group: up to 10 persons.

At the end of the course, each participant receives a personal course completion certificate.

- demonstration
- hands-on techniques and methods
- combined techniques