About school
Immerse yourself in the lively creative process of creating unique workshops and master classes, fashion collections and modern images, technical competitive developments and talented ideas.
О школе
Professional Competence
It is based on Pavel's great love for his work, many years of self-education, a deep sense and vision of the style. This facilitated his achievement of the remarkable results at international competitions and his becoming a successful teacher.
Global Experience
The methodical developments of the English hairdressing school laid the educational groundwork of the Fashionable Hair School. Extensive experience in the salon, communication with clients and knowledge of fashionable trends allow Pavel to adapt the women's haircut techniques for Russian hairdressers every year.
Unique Techniques
Taking into account the seasonal fashion trends, applying the simplicity and accuracy of cuts, Pavel created the unparalleled teaching technique for creating women's haircuts. By adding the division and changing the draw and cut angle, each master creates many new fashionable shapes from the single haircut.
Practical Approach
The main principle of training is always practical work. Women's haircuts worked out step by step on the mannequin heads. This enables the hairdressers to master Pavel's concept best. Models are engaged for coloring.
Mini Groups
The principal approach for training in our Fashionable Hair School is groups of not more than 12 persons, because quality and structure come first.
We use only high quality professional cosmetics provided by our partners, such as: Schwarzkopf, Londa, Wella.


Art team
A team of teachers holds training workshops in many cities of Russia and the Baltic countries. It prepares hairdressers for participating in competitions at various levels - from regional to international.
Pavel Okhapkin
Founder, International top stylist
A talented person is talented in everything: both as a stylist and as a teacher - he is always at the forefront of the hairdressing and the fashion industry. He teaches a hairdresser to fashion trends in salon haircuts and coloring, offers practical techniques and helps to master and work out everything necessary to become a highly employable today and tomorrow.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Yuliya Mashchenko
International top stylist
It's a honour for me to be a part of professional team. Only the unity of the strongest ones can create true beauty!
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Irina Belogurova
International top stylist
Impeccable technique with long hair. The elegance of lines and shapes, the demand and relevance of hairstyles in the salon allow Irina to be one of the best teachers in this field.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Veronika Grenaderova
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Sergey Chernyshev
Hairdresser - fashion designer
Hard work and perseverance, minute painstaking work with hair highlights distinguish Sergey as a true master of wig making products.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Alexandra Petrova
Hairdresser - fashion designer
Youth, ambitiousness, constant development and desire for professional growth helped Alexandra to occupy a well-deserved place in our team.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Evgenia Voronova
Despite her youth, Evgenia is distinguished in the team by her great vision of beauty, the ability to create the best and the creative approach to the image making.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Alexandra Gililova
General Manager
Excellent organizational skills, high responsibility for the School operation quality, teaching experience and reliability in assistance make Alexandra the best manager in our team.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Tatiana Ten
Human kindness and attentive attitude to others allowed Tatiana to quickly join the team and become loved by everyone.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Kristina Vasilyeva
Responsible attitude to work, the desire to make learning more comfortable for students, competent advice on the choice of workshops are the key to Kristina's successful work.
Experience, Awards, Achievements
Roksana Popova
SMM specialist
Natural intelligence, thorough study of all digital technologies, close communication with our audience in social networks, fast and high-quality Internet products distinguish Roksana as a successful SMM specialist in our team.
Experience, Awards, Achievements